Cobra Pro 4|5|-2|2


VOL : 4 | 5 | -2 | 2

An excellent all-around disc that is easy to grip. Gets better with age. Great for rollers, finesse shots, and is a terrific disc for beginners.

NOTE : Cette série spéciale a été produite dans un plastique Pro particulièrement souple.


The Cobra is a predictable mid-range large diameter disc that is easy to grip. It is very beginner friendly with a long and useful lifespan. The Cobra is a great disc choice for long, slow turning shots and rollers. The thin rim is great for smaller hands and creates a clean predictable release.

Diamètre : 21.7cm

Plastiques : DX, Pro

Poids : Pro, 150-180g

Meilleur choix : Turnover shots / Finesse shots / Beginner disc

Speed 4
Glide 5
Turn -2
Fade 2
Plastique PRO

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