Rhyno R-Pro 2|1|0|3


VOL : 2 | 1 | 0 | 3

Rhyno is essential in the wind for short to medium range shots. The Rhyno’s Thumtrac™ gives it a sure grip and reliable performance in any situation.


The Rhyno is an overstable putt and approach disc that can handle headwinds. Great for players with lots of throwing power as the Rhyno stops on a dime and stays close to the basket. It is a must have disc for short to medium up shots and putting into the wind. The R-Pro model is also called a “Soft” Rhyno and is made to be super soft and flexible in an extra grippy plastic that grabs the chains.

Diamètre : 21.2cm

Plastiques : Star, Champion, R-Pro, DX 

Poids : Star, 170-175g / Champion, 160-175g / R-Pro, 160-175g / DX, 150-175g

Meilleur choix Putting / Drives courts à moyens / Approches précises

Speed 2
Glide 1
Turn 0
Fade 3
Plastique R-PRO

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