Tensor Neutron 4|4|0|2.5


VOL : 4|4|0|2.5

The Tensor is an overstable midrange driver.



The Tensor will exhibit reliable high-speed stability for power throwers and is great for approach shots on windy days. The Tensor has outstanding glide coupled with its great high-speed stability, always followed by a dependable fade.


The Tensor's defining flight characteristic is its overstability with great glide. For both high and medium power throwers, the Tensor has a lot of resistance to turn and a strong dependable fade. Coupled with its overstability is its great glide which makes it easy to keep on the perfect line, which is followed by a strong late fade, ranging the shot. The Tensor's overstability is designed to be a utility approach disc in the presence of high winds.

When there is a bit too much wind for the Vector, or you want some added lateral fade, the Tensor is a perfect complement.

MVP Disc Sports Tensor MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tensor




Tensor Model Specs


Class: 12mm Midrange Driver

Weights: 170g - 176g

Diameter: 21.5cm

Rim width: 12mm

PDGA max weight: 178.5g

Speed 4
Glide 4
Turn 0
Fade 2.5
Plastique NEUTRON

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