Stratus X-Line 5 | 4 | -4 | 1


VOL : 5 | 4 | -4 | 1

Facile à lancer, le Stratus volera droit à basse et à moyenne vitesse, et se transformera en anhyzer à plus haute vitesse. Un Stratus bien usé se redressera à plat sur un fort hyzer.

Easy to throw, it will fly straight at low to mid speeds, or fade to an anhyzer at higher speeds. A well-worn Stratus™ will flip flat when thrown on a hard hyzer.



The Discraft Stratus is one of the best golf discs for beginners. This understable midrange will fly straight and far for players learning throwing techniques.

For players with a little more power, the Stratus makes a good turnover disc that will curve towards the anhyzer side. The Stratus comes in Discraft’s mid grade Elite-X plastic. This is a super plastic that will withstand wear and tear much longer than Pro-D.


Diamètre : 21.4 cm

Hauteur : 1.8 cm

Profondeur du rebord : 1.2 cm

Largeur du rebord : 1.2 cm

Poids maximum : 177.00 g


Utilisation principale : Midrange

Stabilité : Understable

Niveau recommandé : Débutant, intermédiaire

Catégories de plastique : Basic (moins cher), Midgrade, Premium

Speed 5
Glide 4
Turn -4
Fade 1
Plastique X-LINE

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