Wolf DX 4|3|-4|1


VOL : 4 | 3 | -4 | 1

Wolf features the Thumtrac® for great grip and reliability. Great for threading narrow fairways as well as turnover shots. An excellent roller disc.


The Wolf is an understable mid-range disc designed for making medium range straight and turnover shots. It features the patented INNOVA Thumtrac® for added grip and reliability. The Wolf allows any player to learn anhyzer shots with very little effort. A great feeling disc that is easy to release. The Wolf is great in the woods and also makes an excellent mid range roller disc.

Diamètre : 21.7cm

Plastique : DX

Poids : DX, 150-180g

Meilleur choix : Approches turnoverRollers de courte et moyenne distance / Disque pour débutants

Speed 4
Glide 3
Turn -4
Fade 1
Plastique DX

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