Barocook Cafe 400ml


Flameless Cooking, without gas or electricity: The patented BaroCook survival stove features a double chamber design and heating packs with no need for fuel or an open flame. It is portable, affordable and eco-friendly. BaroCook Café is especially suitable for hot drinks.

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The BaroCook system is perfect for cooking or heating a meal or enjoying a hot drink when camping, having a picnic, at all outdoor activities, on the go in the car or train or even in the office. The double chamber system features a removable stainless bowl, an outer plastic container, an airtight silicone ring, and a locking lid with hinge design. The BaroCook Café container with 400 ml is especially suitable for preparing hot drinks. The ingredients of the hot drink (tea, coffee, water) are put into the inner stainless bowl. The heat pack is placed in the outer container and water has to be added. That way the heating pack will be activated. The inner container will be heated up to 95° C (203° F), and the hot drink can be enjoyed after a couple of minutes. The drink stays warm for up to one hour. The BaroCook system is environmentally friendly on two counts: no fuel is used, its steam is resolved into hydrogen and oxygen gas, it is non-toxic and harmless. Therefore, the heating packs can be disposed in a trash can after its use. 

When not in use for cooking, the double chamber container can be used as a storage container. 


- Double Chamber System: Inner stainless bowl, outer plastic container, airtight silicone ring, locking lid with hinge design,

- The inner container will be heated up to 95°C (203°F),

- Heating or cooking of meals within a couple of minutes,

- Includes a flameless heating pack which is activated by adding water,

- The outer pouch of the heat pack serves as a measure cup for water and contains suitable measurements,

- Nontoxic & eco friendly, odorless, and water-insoluble; remaining powder of the heating pack is ecologically friendly,

- The round container with 400 ml is especially suitable to prepare hot drinks, 

- The neoprene sleeve keeps the drink warm and protects the hands,

- No need for a lighter or matches, 

- Serves as a storage container when not in use for cooking,

- Size: 400 ml,

- Includes a BaroCook container, 1 heating pack à 20 g, instruction sheet and zipper bag / colorbox packing,

- Material: Inner bowl: Stainless Steel, Outer container: PC; Lid: PP + silicone, neoprene sleeve,

- Heating packs à 20 g can be ordered in a set à 10 pieces (BA-BP-001, 10pcs/set),

- Dimensions: W: 95 mm, L: 95 mm, H: 183 mm, Weight: 340 g.

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