Thrasher Z-Line 12|5|-3|2


VOL : 12 | 5 | -3 | 2

Le Trasher est un distance driver réputé pour sa rapidité et sa prise en main à faible et moyenne puissance. L'expérience vous permettra de lancer en hyzer flip ou anhyzer turn.

The Thrasher is a distance driver that is meant for fast, easy release for slower to average arm speeds. Experienced players can rip it for hyzer flips or anhyzer turns.



Double down on your firepower with Thrasher! It's very fast and understable but not flippy, allowing huge distance from slower arms yet is completely big arm friendly. It will finish on a slow hyzer in most situations, so expect some gloriously clean anhyzers with a mild finish!

Discraft Tour Series signature discs honor, celebrate and support some of the players who take professional disc golf above and beyond the realm of mere mortals. These are the players who astound and amaze, and these are the discs they win with.


Diamètre : 21.1 cm

Hauteur : 1.7 cm

Profondeur du rebord : 1.1 cm

Largeur du rebord : 2.1 cm

Poids maximum : 176.00 g


Utilisation principale : Distance Driver

Stabilité : Understable

Niveau recommandé : Avancé, débutant, intermédiaire

Catégories de plastique : Basic (moins cher), Durable, Midgrade, Premium

Speed 12
Glide 5
Turn -3
Fade 2
Plastique Z-LINE

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