SL Star 10|5|-1|2


VOL : 10 | 5 | -1 | 2

Easily controllable distance driver with amazing glide and little fade.


The SL is a fast, dependable disc with a long straight flight and excellent glide. This disc can add measurable distance to your drives. With its quickness, slight high speed turn, long glide and low fade, the SL will fly a long way. The Pro version is called the Pro Starfire.

Diamètre : 21.2cm

Plastiques : Star, Pro

Poids : Star, 165-175g / Pro, 165-175g

Meilleur choix : Drives précis longue distance / Vent arrière 

Speed 10
Glide 5
Turn -1
Fade 2
Plastique STAR

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